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of users who visit the web site: www.martellifabianotartufi.it

Under Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679


Under Article 13 of Regulation (UE) 2016/679, this page describes the procedures about personal data processing of users who visit the web site:

  • www.martellifabianotartufi.it;

These information are not about other web sites, pages or online service reachable by some hyperlinks published in the sites, but concerning external resources of the Controller domain.


After visiting the web site above, some data regarding identified or identifiable natural persons can be treated.

The Controller is MARTELLI FABIANO TARTUFI S.R.L., domiciled in Via Ca’ Maspino, 2 Sant’Angelo in Vado (PU), Email: info@martellifabianotartufi.it, PEC: tartufimartellisrl@pec.it, phone number +39 0722.88030


In this page, personal data are treated by the Controller both as part of his own legitimate interest and if there will be some activities regarding users’ personal data after their explicit consent.


Navigation data

The computer systems and the softwares, used for this web site operation, acquire some personal data which broadcasting is implicit using Internet communication protocols.

In this category, we can find IP addresses or users’ computers domain names, URI/URL (Uniform Resource Identifier/Locator) addresses regarding required resources, the time of the request, the way how the request has been submitted at the server, the file dimension obtained as a reply, the numeric code about the type of reply (ex. success, error, etc) and other criteria regarding the OS and the user’s IT environment.

These data are also treated in order to:

  • obtain statistics about the use of services (the pages the most visited, the number of users based on the time slot, geographical area of origin, etc);

  • check the correct use of provided services;

  • profiling activity.

Communicated data by the user

The optional, evident and voluntary transmission of messages to the Controller’s contact addresses, and also the compiling and the sending of forms that are on the site, involve the acquisition of sender’s contact details, useful to answer, and also all personal data included in the communications.

Data filling in the purchase form linked with the shopping bag are only used to improve the order and the shipping to Your domicile. For this, we do not need Your consent for personal data processing because the legal base is the implementation of a purchase contract You requested.

Data You insert during the account registration will be used to give You the possibility to shop again on our site.

If You sign data collection forms off at the bottom for commercial and marketing purposes, You authorize us to send You promotional and advertising communications, using the e-mail address You indicated. At any time, You could revoke Your consent and we will stop sending You advertisements.


They are recipients of collected data the following person indicated by the Controller, under Article 28 of Regulation, who are responsible of the processing.

DIGITAL MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTION DI ANDREA GUERRINI, that is the service provider (regarding www.martellifabianotartufi.it)

Collected data are also treated by Controller’s staff, who operates following specific instructions regarding purposes and mode of the same processing.


Data filled in the contact forms by the users will be kept for the above-mentioned purposes at the premises of Controller; he has no intention to transfer these data to third countries.


Where required, subjects have the right to obtain from the Controller the access to personal data, the correction or the cancellation of those ones, the limitation of the processing about them and the possibility to oppose the processing (article 15 and following of Regulation). The specific request is done contacting the DPO (if mentioned) at the Controller (Via Ca’ Maspino, 2, Sant’Angelo in Vado, (PU) Email: info@martellifabianotartufi.it, PEC: tartufimartellisrl@pec.it, phone number +39 0722.88030).


Subjects have the right to lodge a complaint to the guarantor, under Article 77 of Regulation, or to appeal (under Article 79 of Regulation) if they believe that personal data processing carried out on this site violates the Regulation.


Your consent is applied to the web site: www.martellifabianotartufi.it

To make Your visit on our web site as comfortable as possible, we use cookies. They are small aggregates of texts that are locally registered in the temporary memory of Your browser. So, in Your computer, they will be registered for periods of variable time on the basis of the requirement and generally included between a few hours and some years, except for those cookies used for the profiling, which their maximum duration is 365 calendar days.

Thanks to cookies, it is possible to register in a semipermanent way information about Your preferences and other technical data that allow an easier web surfing, a better usability and efficacy of the same site. For example, the cookies can be used to determine if a connection between Your computer and our sites has been already made to underline news or to keep “login” information. To Your guarantee, only the cookie saved in Your computer will be identified.


Our site uses four types of cookies:

  1. Basic technical cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the site. They allow the web surfing, the sharing of our contents and the memorisation of Your login credentials to make Your access faster and to keep Your preferences and credentials active during the web surfing. Without these cookies, we could not provide the services users login for.

  1. Statistical cookies

These cookies allow us to know how users browse the site, so we can consider and improve the operation and favour those contents that denote our users’ needs. For example, they say which pages are more or less visited. Moreover, they consider the visitor numbers and the time spent on the site from the average of the users. In this way, we can know what works well and what we have to improve, in addition to ensuring that the pages load quickly and are viewed accurately. These cookies collect information anonymously and they are not linked to users’ personal data. For the execution of these functions, we use third-party services that make these data anonymous not linked to individual (“single-in”). If there are some services that are not completely anonymous, You will find a list among third-party cookies for which You can not sign off, by ensuring Your privacy.

  1. Third-party functional and profiling cookies

In this category, there are both cookies provided by Martelli Fabiano Tartufi partners and those ones provided by third-party subjects, not directly checked or checkable by the Controller. The cookies, that come from our partners, offer advanced features, more information and personal purposes. With them, there is the possibility to share different contents through social networks, to login to videostreaming and CDN services where You could find our contents. These services are mostly offered by external service providers which are hired or consciously integrated. If You have an account or use these services on other web sites, they could be able to know that an user has visited our sites. The use of collected data by these external providers, using cookies, follows respective privacy policies, so these cookies can be identified with the respective subjects’ names that are inside cookies management tool You can find in the specific section of this statement. Among these, there are those cookies registered by the main social networks that give You the possibility to share our sites articles and express Your appreciation for our work.

Those cookies do not come from Martelli Fabiano Tartufi partners are cookies transmitted without our control by third-party subjects who have the opportunity to intercept the user during his web surfing, even outside our site www.martellifabianotartufi.it. These cookies, especially those ones about profiling activity, are not directly checkable by us and so we can not control the use third-party subjects do of them.

Cookies management

In case of You have doubts or worries about cookies use, You can prevent its use, for example modifying privacy settings inside Your browser in order to block some cookies types or using the tool we make You available in this statement.

Since every browser is different from each other, You can operate independently using Your browser preferences. In this way, You can find detailed information regarding the procedure in Your browser guide. You can also visit the site http://www.cookiepedia.co.uk/index.php?title=How_to_Manage_Cookies

Moreover, advertising companies allow You not sign off targeted ads reception, if You want to. This does not impede cookie settings, but it interrupts both the use and the collection of some data by those subjects.

For more information and the possibility to opt-out, visit http://www.youronlinechoices.com/it/

Cookies acceptance and opt-out

You accept Cookies Policy surfing on this site, closing the information band, clicking on any part of the page or skimming it to see more contents. In case of You do not accept cookies leaving the web surfing, cookies that have been already registered inside Your browser, will remain there, but they will not be read or used anymore by us, until You accept the Policy again. You could delete these cookies whenever You want to, reading Cookies management section.

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